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The purpose of this web site is to share information and resources about the wonderful craft of plaster.Plaster crafting is a fun and safe craft for people of all ages. Unlike ceramics there is no firing involved. Plaster Crafts can be finished with many different finishes available today. Plaster has been used artistically and architecturally for over five centuries. Even the facades of the beautiful buildings in Chicago's worlds fair were made of plaster of Paris. This allowed for building the massive structures at a fraction of the price. It also allowed for easy tear down afterwards. Even in the Pyramids of Egypt, archaeologists have found relics containing plaster. It is a derivative of the common mineral gypsum which is found in abundance throughout the world, but it was not until about 1750 that it was produced commercially. It was first mined in the suburbs of Paris, France, and it became known as �Plaster of Paris.�

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